Filming in Croatia well underway *PHOTOS*

Filming in Croatia began  Wednesday in the Trsteno  Arboretum. Some members of the local press were allowed to go down and watch including Croatian News site Dulist. They provided a report on set and and numerous photographs of filming taking place:

game-of-thrones518 (1)game-of-thrones518game-of-thrones528game-of-thrones530game-of-thrones541game-of-thrones553game-of-thrones561Hotel BelvedereMAIN-Dubrovnik-Stari-Grad-by-Nick-Hunt

There was also a set report done by Mark Thomas from AnEnglishmanin and includes some photos of a new set being constructed in addition to the Hotel Belvedere in Fort St. Lawrence in Gradac Park


There also some new photos of the new set at


There was also a video report done by Croatian news website RTL Televisia in which you can see by following the link.

It’s great that we are getting so many set photos so early on in the filming process. Comment below about what you think these sets will be used for!


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