Mark Gatiss hints at latest role in Game of Thrones

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter at Comic-Con, Mark Gatiss talks about his latest role in Game of thrones. He talks about about the numerous characters in the show and how difficult it is to remember all of their names. He also mentions that they have already finished filming him. He also gives some hints relating to his character in the upcoming season.

Here is partial transcript of the interview:

  • Interviewer: “Can you tell us anything about your character? Alot of people think you are going to be mace?”
  • Mark:”I can’t tell you anything, honestly. They will shoot me”
  • Interviewer: “Does your character involve swords?”
  • Mark: “Ohh…. *Hesitates* No, that would give too much away! *Smiles*”
  • Mark: …. “It does involve hair though!”
  • Interviewer: “So, you will have some strange colored wigs going on?”
  • Mark: “We’ll see, we’ll see… *Smiles*

Aeron Damphair anyone……

See the full video: at


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